Who wants a jumpstart?

The Follow Your Spark blog shares weekly content to help you become more self-assured, self-aware, and likely to pursue personal growth. The topics I write about will hopefully inspire reflection and stick in your mind.

I created free, dowloadable guides to accompany some of the topics to help you explore and improve certain habits. Click the links below to sign up for your free guides!

“How to Stop Minimizing Our Power” guide – We don’t realize how often we use the phrases I’m sorry, I’m just, or I think, but they cumulatively give the impression that we might lack confidence. Sign up for your free guide to squelch these habits!

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“How to Stop Negative Self-Talk” guide – This is a biggie! We cannot become the best versions of ourselves if we are internally putting ourselves down. Sign up for your free guide to learn how to stop speaking to yourself negatively and create positive self-talk instead.

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