The biggest complaint about morning routines

The biggest complaint I hear about morning routines is this: “I can’t make myself get up that early.” Is this resonating? Please, please, please, friend, you need to know that I understand. I am a high school counselor and recently had two weeks off over the holiday. I immediately regressed to staying up until 2:00 am to watch “The Handmaid’s Tale” with my husband, and now I have to jump back into reality and set my alarm for 4:50 am. Staying up that late doesn’t isn’t conducive to success during regular-working hours. I GET IT. I’m super tired, too. It’s going to be challenging, to say the least, to get back at it.  

But here’s what I learned along the way to conquering my morning routine:  

You’re not stacking the deck properly – People tell me over and over that they are too tired to get up earlier in the morning. Of course you are! Most of us are! We are juggling 87,000 on any given day and collapse on the couch until midnight for some decompression time. Some of you probably stay up even later because you are resisting going to bed in an effort to delay the next day from starting.  

I get it. I’ve done it, too, especially on Sundays, the night before returning to work after a holiday or vacation, and even on Thursdays. Sometimes I would rationalize staying up crazy late on Thursday nights because tomorrow’s Friday, so what does it matter? We can rationalize anything.  

But how’s that working for you? Friend, it’s not. It’s not working for you. If you sincerely want to get up earlier and understand how it can benefit you, then you MUST GO TO BED EARLIER. This is a nonnegotiable, and it’s going to require a massive mindset shift to your me time being in the morning instead of at night. When you think through that, though, it doesn’t make sense that our “me time” is at night in the first place because we are already depleted. Our “me time,” in effect, is the dregs of our day.  

When you reflect on that, why do we create a situation that gives everyone and everything else the best of us (kids, significant other, job, volunteering, side hustle, cleaning, whatever fills your day), but we give ourselves the leftovers? WE ARE CREATING this reality. The good thing about this, though, is that since we are in control, we can change it. Doesn’t it sound much better to get enough sleep, have an f-ing amazing Power Hour in the morning, and then everything else will be the icing on the cake? Friend, YOU ARE THE CAKE. From the second your day starts, you are servicing others. You have to be “on” for everyone else. If you don’t take your Power Hour, then you will have nothing for yourself. There will be no cake to put the icing on.  

Our internal dialogue is incredibly powerful. We believe what we tell ourselves. If you tell yourself that you can’t get up earlier, then you are right. If you tell yourself that you can’t not hit the snooze button, then you are right. We are careful about how we talk to our loved ones, but talk to and treat ourselves like garbage. Why do we do this to ourselves? Let’s flip the switch and take control.  

There are very likely reasons why you aren’t getting up earlier or not sticking to it. Instead of listening to the garbage we feed ourselves, why don’t we learn about ourselves and then maximize our approaches? I recently created the “Morning Routine Personality Quiz” so that you could make sense of how you approach your mornings and then learn from it. You can take my free quiz here: 

After you take the quiz, you will receive an email with a free guide to learn how to maximize your morning type. Did I mention the quiz is super fun because it’s created around characters from “The Office?” Go for it! 

Let’s start telling ourselves positive things instead: Yes, you can go to bed earlier. Yes, you can get up earlier, and yes, you can have guaranteed, guilt-free time to yourself every day. Try it for a week and you will start to covet it.  

Having an hour to yourself before the rest of the household wakes up will make you feel peaceful, grounded, ready to conquer the day, more patient with your children, more flirtatious, more productive at work and random extra things you find yourself doing (One of my students started cleaning the refrigerator because she had more energy and time). You will feel like you’ve been given extra time in your day.  

You might be convinced you are a night owl – Many say they are “night owls” and like staying up later, and therefore, can’t change. You might be a night owl and sincerely enjoy staying up late, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change. Remember, the messages we tell ourselves our powerful. What if, you being night owl isn’t a fixed personality trait, but merely a habit? What if, you could turn that around and try? What if you could conquer a NEW morning habit and just needed the right tools to help you along the way?  

My masterclass will teach you the three pillars of a successful morning routine and help you through this. Details will be announced soon, but you will be able to choose from webinars on February 5th, 6th, and two on the 12th. What if you could be a morning person and just didn’t know how? Game changer.  

I often hear “I’m not a morning person,” too. For more myths about morning routines, check out my article from January 21st:  

What is the best way to eat an elephant? – Have you ever heard the best way to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Friend, if you have the best of intentions to get up earlier and you’ve tried countless times, you are likely setting your bar too high. 

Say what? 

Take a step back. If you are used to the alarm going off at 6:30, and suddenly, it blares at 5 instead, you might have a difficult transition. You need to baby step your way to success. You’ve heard all the cliches – a marathon begins with a single step, a book is compiled of many chapters, success isn’t built in a day. All of these maxims are true, and they apply to new morning routine habits. Instead of drastically changing your morning routine between Sunday and Monday, try altering a little bit at a time. You will need to adjust it anyway to discover what you most enjoy in the morning, and waking up 15 minutes earlier for three days, and 15 minutes earlier the following three days, and so on, allows your body and mind to transition into the new habit. Baby step your way to success, friend.  

If you are wondering how this all goes together, stay tuned for info on my masterclass coming in February!!! 

Final thought – Have you analyzed your reasons for wanting to create a new morning routine and get up earlier? Have you thought through the implications of a new routine and how it will make you feel? Have you tried before – what were the best outcomes of those mornings? We often set new goals without proper preparation. You can jump in, but there is no way you will be as successful as if you took the time to reflect on your whys, past, and more. I’ve got your back, friend. I’m here for you and help is on the way. 

Stay tuned for my masterclass! 

What is your biggest reason for not having a better morning routine or getting up earlier? Tell me below!! Feel free to email me, too, with questions. 

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