The 5-5-5 Snooze Button Plan

Do you ever daydream about how you would improve yourself, if only you had more time? Would lose weight, exercise, or dress a certain way? I had always wanted to become a morning exerciser, but never thought it was possible. I would set my alarm for 5:00 am and tell myself countless times that I was going to wake up early and exercise before work. I let myself down so many times that I’m sure my brain knew not to trust me. Can you relate?

I realized, though, that I would never get “more time,” so I had to create it. No one is going to make sure you reach your goals or ask you if you are fulfilled, regardless of how much they love you. “Time” would have to be in the morning so that it wouldn’t take away from family time. When I did make this a habit my life changed. When I start the day in a peaceful way, I’m a better person in general, but I’m also more patient with my kids and more productive. It’s not our kids’ fault if we wait until the last minute to get up in the morning and then frantically rush around to get to work on time, which includes yelling at them sometimes. Can you relate?

Enough of that! I believe with my whole heart that if a woman makes time for herself in the morning, she will unveil dreams she never knew she had. You will feel proud of yourself, like you matter again, and be more willing to take on new challenges. You will see yourself again. When you look in the mirror, you won’t just see your body. You will see your spirit. And did I mention you will have more patience with your children?

I’m launching the digital course “Your Power Hour – Your Master Plan for Creating and Conquering Your Morning Routine” in February, but I want to help you in the meantime, too. It all starts with the dreaded snooze button. Starting today through November 22nd, I’m accepting enrollment in my FREE Follow Your Spark 5-Day Snooze Button Challenge. You can click the link below, but read on for my 5-5-5 Snooze Button Plan. 

5 Reasons why hitting the snooze button is bad for you

You know you aren’t getting extra, quality sleep – Come on, you know you are not getting quality sleep between snooze intervals. We are actually making it harder to get up because just as we are about to fall asleep after hitting the snooze button, it goes off again. Just typing that sounds painful. It’s unnecessary misery. We are doing this to ourselves! 

It’s making us less productive – Research indicates how bad hitting the snooze button is for us. It interrupts our sleep cycles and therefore leaves us in a groggy state. Sleep inertia is hard enough to deal with once, (defined as “a physiological state of impaired cognitive and sensory-motor performance that is present immediately after awakening”) but if we hit the snooze button, we put ourselves in a sleep inertia version of Groundhog Day.

The four-hour cloud – The leftover feelings from sleep inertia can last for FOUR hours. That means you are likely cranky and in a fog for fours, not because you are tired, but because you interrupted your sleep cycles so many times with the snooze button.

Psychological effects – The way you start your morning is how you live your life. If you own your morning, you will own your future. More specifically, if you hit the snooze button, you are effectively telling yourself that you have nothing good to get out of bed for. If you repeatedly hit snooze and zone out, you will zone out in the evening, too. Snooze button zoning out in the morning leads to Netflix zoning out in the PM. 

It causes us to rush – We’ve all done the mental morning negotiations. You know what I’m talking about: 5:00 am (or whatever time for you) the alarm goes off. You think to yourself: I hate you, alarm, and angrily hit the snooze button. 5:05 am the alarm sounds again. If I get up now, I can still do a 30-minute spin class, have time to make my morning smoothie, and wash my hair. Snooze. 5:10, 5:15, 5:20 I can still do a 20-minute spin class. Snooze 6:00 Well, I’m not exercising. 6:05 I can still wash my hair if I jump out of bed this instant. Snooze 6:15 It’s gonna be a dry shampoo day. Snooze 6:25 Messy bun, it is, then. Plus, no time for smoothie.

In between those thoughts, you try to convince yourself that you can get ready in less time that day. Um, that’s never worked for anyone. Ever. What happens then, is that you are rushed, frantic, and possibly late for work or your first obligation of the day. Plus, and you know this is true, starting the day stressed like this makes you less patient with your children. That’s not fair to them or you. 

5 ways to prevent yourself from hitting the snooze button

Disable the snooze button – A member of my morning routine group told me about this gem. I didn’t realize you could disable your snooze button on most phones! This maneuver helps because if you disable the alarm, you might be so worried that you will fall back to sleep that you naturally just get up right away. 

Don’t set multiple alarms – Here’s the catch, though: If you disable the snooze button, don’t get sneaky and set multiple alarms, either on your phone or a backup method. You are not fooling anyone, so you might as well stick to the plan. Either commit to no snooze or don’t, but setting multiple alarms is only supporting the problem. 

Put your alarm across the room – This is my personal favorite tip! This one totally works for me, and it’s a win on several levels. Most people use their phones as their alarms. If you put your phone across the room for the night, you will inherently create a cut-off time for phone usage. For instance, my bedtime is 10:00, and I start getting ready at 9:30. If I set my alarm at 9:30 for the next morning, put it on my dresser across the room in my bedroom, then wash up and go to bed, then I’ve eliminated the possibility of scrolling on my phone in bed. In effect, this naturally supports my bedtime.

Additionally, if you put the alarm across the room, you will likely hurry to shut it off so that it doesn’t wake others, and you will be less inclined to go back to bed. My alarm goes off at 4:50 am Monday-Friday, and I can admit that one morning I did turn off my alarm across the room and went back to bed, but I felt ridiculous doing it. That only happened once because I felt like an even bigger slug for literally crossing the room and instead of going to the bathroom, I went back to bed. To keep from doing this anymore, I use the next tip…

Focus on the next step – Instead of putting pressure on yourself and thinking about getting your entire morning routine perfect, think about the single next step. After turning off the alarm, don’t think about exercising, showering, or getting the kids ready. Just focus on the next step: going to the bathroom. Next step: wash your hands. Next step: Brush your teeth, and so on. It makes the process easier. Next time you turn off the alarm, proceed to the next step. 

Water! After turning off your alarm, immediately drink a glass of water. It hydrates you, of course, but also makes you more awake.

Bonus: If you sign up for my FREE Follow Your Spark 5-day Snooze Button Challenge, the guide you will receive includes five more tips to help you not hit the snooze button. Click below to join the challenge! You know you want to! 

5 reasons why you should sign up for the FREE 5-day snooze button challenge! 

It’s free! It feels like everything costs at least $250. The dishwasher needs repaired? $250! Your kids need swimming lessons? $250 for two months! Your high schooler wants to join travel sports? At least $250! The Follow Your Spark 5-Day Snooze Button Challenge is free.

You need to do something for yourself – On any given day, we are responsible for 87,000 things, and rarely do any of the items on your to-do list include anything for yourself. The challenge is a win-win: It is a fun way to be social without having to dedicate time out of your schedule (read: guilt-free). Plus, it’s a means to improve your life because your day will start off easier, you will be in a better mood, be more patient, and more productive. That’s actually a win-win-win-win-win. 

The accountability – Throughout my journey to conquering my morning routine and creating my digital course, Your Power Hour – Your Master Plan to Creating and Conquering Your Morning Routine, I realized that accountability is necessary to make habit changes. By joining the challenge with a friend, you will be double accountable: to him or her and to our Challenge private Facebook group. 

There are seven weeks left in the decade – By busting your snooze button habit now, you will hit the ground running in 2020, ready to take on new challenges. Are you going to make progress or excuses? You decided, friend, but acknowledge that it is a choice. 

BONUS – This challenge has TWO goals: to help you create a new nighttime routine and to help you be on your way to conquering your snooze button habit. Your nighttime routine is CRITICAL. Without consistently adhering to a proactive nighttime routine, you will not reach your morning, and therefore, life potential. *Drops mic*

Still doubt why you should join the challenge? Reread the five reasons why hitting the snooze button is bad for you. Do it now! Click the link below to join the FREE Follow Your Spark 5-Day Snooze Button Challenge and text the link to a friend to slay with you! 

Comment below to let me know about your snooze button habits, for better or worse! 

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