Rachel Hollis RISE

Below, in no order, are my top ten highlights at the RISE Conference:

  1. Stand Up for Your Sister – Reminded us that we are not alone or defined by our past. We can find meaning in most things and use them as a source of power.
  2. 5-4-3-2-1!  Attendees will surely miss the 5-4-3-2-1 moments in which we had to launch out of our seats like a rocket and dance it out to Mackelmore.
  3. Dave Freaking Hollis – His speech during “Own Your Future” resonated with every single person. He prepared us for battle.
  4. Writing a letter from our persistence – It was a powerful reminder that our persistence has always been there, but we don’t give it enough credit. Time to maximize it again!
  5. Turn your 10 Years into 10 Dreams – Completing this activity live with Rachel’s guidance helped us pick more audacious dreams than we would have on our own at home.
  6. Guided meditations – Speakers guided us in several meditations throughout the conference, including Wellness Day speaker Nick Santonastasso. Rachel’s body image meditation produced many tears because it helped us embrace what we had perceived as our faults.
  7. Jen Hatmaker’s elephant story – LOVED IT! She explained that when an elephant gives birth in the wild, other female elephants rally around her in a protective circle while she is vulnerable. They kick up dirt and roar to keep predators away so mommy can bring forth life and heal. While she relayed the story, there was a picture on the screen behind her of a pack of elephants. It was a beautiful story to illustrate that we are a community to help when we are most vulnerable and that we are more powerful together.
  8. Jen Hatmaker’s description of the “complicated system of checks and balances” a woman must navigate when she is ambitious.
  9. The 10 Body Image Commandments
  10. That I celebrated 300 days without sugar!!!

Thank you for reading the “Follow Your Spark covers RISE” series! What were your biggest takeaways from the conference? Comment below! 

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