What is Your Morning Routine Personality?

You’ve probably heard from motivational speakers that your morning routine is extremely important and that many ultra-successful millionaires wake up at 5:00 every morning to exercise and take time for themselves before their day official starts.

When you hear this you might have mixed emotions: You might roll your eyes, sigh, or think any combo of I’m not a morning person. That would never work for me. Could I become a morning person? My kids make it impossible for me to do that. I’m too tired to get up.  

All of those reactions are normal. 

But, what if you could become a morning person and be guaranteed an hour to yourself every single day? What if you made this part of your New Year’s Resolutions year and opened yourself to liking yourself again? What if there are reasons holding you back from having a successful, consistent (I used to hate that word!) morning routine, but also tips to conquer them?

What if this could be the year of “what if anything is possible?” Because it is, friend. I passionately believe that all success and empowerment begins with your morning. You can become a morning person, and I’m super excited to help you through the process. Remember, I’m not going to suggest anything I haven’t done or tried, so we are in it together, ok?

To help you start figuring out your morning routine path, you have to first examine your current habits. That’s where my Morning Routine Personality Quiz comes in! Take the quick, 6-question quiz to help you figure out your morning routine personality, and then you will receive my free guide with tips to maximize your specific personality. Did I mention the categories are characters from “The Office?” So fun, right? Below is a description of the categories, then take the quiz to learn which one your habits fall into and receive tips for your specific personality. 

Snoozing Stanley – Alright, Snoozin’ Stanley, the snooze button is your nemesis! Does this sound familiar: Your alarm rings, you hit snooze once, which turns into12 more times resulting in an entire hour flying by? Followed by frantic rushing to get dressed and out the door for work? This might have been your routine in the past, but it’s not your future! 

Reasons why the snooze button is bad for you: You know you aren’t getting extra, quality sleep – Come on, you know you are not getting quality sleep between snooze intervals. We are actually making it harder to get up because just as we are about to fall asleep after hitting the snooze button, it goes off again. Just typing that sounds painful. It’s unnecessary misery. We are doing this to ourselves! 

It’s making us less productive – Research indicates how bad hitting the snooze button is for us. It interrupts our sleep cycles and therefore leaves us in a groggy state. Sleep inertia is hard enough to deal with once, (defined as “a physiological state of impaired cognitive and sensory-motor performance that is present immediately after awakening”) but if we hit the snooze button, we put ourselves in a sleep inertia version of Groundhog Day. 

The four-hour cloud – The leftover feelings from sleep inertia can last for FOUR hours. That means you are likely cranky and in a fog for fours, not because you are tired, but because you interrupted your sleep cycles so many times with the snooze button

If this sounds like you, make sure to take the quiz and receive the free guide with tips to maximize YOUR specific morning routine personality!

Accountability Angela – Needs to answer to someone – You might need a morning routine buddy to get out of bed on time or a higher purpose to make you move in the a.m. Maybe you need to “check in” with a group to let them know you aren’t snoozing and that you are up and beginning your day. If you don’t have to report to someone, you will be less inclined to achieve your morning goals. 

Needs a purpose other than yourself – In Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies book, this sub-category would be considered an Obliger. Obligers’ purpose is to help others, and they therefore often put themselves last. In this regard, if you are an Accountability Angela, you would be more likely to get up an hour earlier in the morning only if you were convinced it would help someone else. 

The motivation isn’t your own personal growth because you are more likely to blow off your own wellness. Rather, the motivation would be how it impacted others.For example, if the purpose of your morning routine were to have “me time” and begin the day in a peaceful manner, then you would likely not engage. However, the effects on your children from a frantic, rushed, and stressed morning might be enough to motivate you because you might feel guilty for beginning their day off with unease.

If this sounds like you, make sure to take the quiz and receive the free guide with tips to maximize YOUR specific morning routine personality!

Perfect Pam – Perfectionist bar – Perfect Pams find it paralyzing to move forward if they aren’t meeting their own expectations. If they create an idea l plan for the morning and follow it Monday and Tuesday, but not Wednesday, they might stop there because they already “blew it” for the week. You might be familiar with this “all or nothing “thinking when it comes to dieting because it is so prevalent, but it correlates to this habit, too. Perfect Pams might do well for three days, miss a day, and then go off the rails and not do their routine for two weeks because they were so disappointed in themselves and needed to muster up the confidence to try again. It becomes a cycle that leads into…

Issues with consistency – In turn, this creates issues with consistency. Is this resonating? Then, the Pams might start to inwardly berate themselves for their lack of consistency. You can see how this would balloon into a bigger problem. In effect, the perfectionism acts as a protective barrier from the discomfort of growth. After all, if we remain stagnant because of self-imposed expectations, then we don’t have to sit in the discomfort and figure out a walk to walk THROUGH it.

If this sounds like you, make sure to take the quiz and receive the free guide with tips to maximize YOUR specific morning routine personality!

Midnight Meredith – “A bedtime? Are you kidding me? Don’t tell me what time to go to bed! After the kids go to bed is the only time I get to myself, and I’m not giving that up.” Sound like you? Midnight Merediths know logically that they need more sleep to get up early and conquer their goals, but they resist hitting the sheets because of their “me-time” mentality. My upcoming masterclass will discuss the three pillars of a successful morning routine, but if I had to boil it down to a single factor it would be the nighttime routine. Your nighttime routine is the best predictor of your morning routine. Period. 

You can resist going to bed early all you want, but if you want to make lasting changes, you really don’t have a choice. This is where people ditch their goals, though. They choose to stay up late, watch TV, read, hang out, etc. And I get it. It’s their “me time.” 

But heads up: A successful nighttime routine is going to require a mindset shift. Your new “me time” will be in the morning. Any additional time at night will be icing on the cake. If you are reading this and thinking “hell, no,” remember, this is a choice. Do you want to be more successful or not? Your level of success begins with your morning.” I don’t want to go to bed earlier.” 

Your choice.

If this sounds like you, make sure to take the quiz and receive the free guide with tips to maximize YOUR specific morning routine personality!

Okay, friend, which one are you? Take the Morning Routine Personality Quiz to hear more specific examples of each category and learn which type you are. PLUS, you will receive my FREE guide with tips to maximize each personality. Are you a snoozin’ Stanley? My guide will give you tips to stop hitting the snooze button! Midnight Meredith? The guide will help you set up a nighttime routine. Let’s do this!

Do you have a friend who loves “The Office” or who struggles with her mornings but WANTS to do well? Tell her about the quiz, too! It’s so fun!

Comment below or email me to let me know which category you are!

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